Kmart Halloween 2015 Style Guide

Created the concept/theme and design style for Kmart’s Halloween 2015 style guide. Halloween is all about the fun of dressing up in a costume and trick-or-treating with the kids and/or partying with friends according to our surveyed members. Keeping this in mind, I developed a theme expressing the idea that Kmart offers everything you need for Halloween to make the holiday as fun and memorable as possible, from a wide rang of costumes to decorations, and bags of candy for the trick-or-treaters. Kmart is the trick that makes Halloween a treat and that was the inspiration for the theme/logo. The graphic style was designed to be fun and quirky which could appeal to kids and adults. As for the photography style I decided to depict families in Halloween costumes expressing the idea that we have fun costumes for the whole family and encouraging families to dress up together which makes the holiday even more exciting. The style guide was then created for each of the channels: online, social media, signage, circular, and TV to follow while designing to ensure that a consistent message, color scheme, graphics, and photography are used.