Apparel Design Work

Below are some designs that I’ve created for apparel. The first design is a hoodie that I created for Billie Eilish which reflects her edgy style. I also included her blohsh logo in the sleeves to further help promote her brand. The blohsh logo is also in green since that’s Billie’s favorite color.

My passion for developing design work for artists in the music industry also led me to designing a backpack for Travis Scott’s Astroworld album. The first design option has a night sky with line art of his inflatable image from the album cover. The Astroworld logo and roller coaster illustration are included on the white zipper pouch. For the second option his image is on white with the logo stacked over a blue starry sky pouch.

I’ve also designed a t-shirt for Guns N’ Roses single “Welcome to the Jungle.” My goal was to include a unique illustration of a snake wrapped around a gun to represent a jungle while tying in signature elements from their logo.

“Diva on Deck” is intended for female skateboarders since they are rarely represented. This apparel also promotes self-expression and being unique. Here’s to all of the girls out there who love to skateboard, yet still have a girly diva side to them.

The last design created is a hoodie and socks which include a heart-shaped diamond graphic along with the word “Rare.” This concept was inspired by Selena Gomez’s album Rare, and the idea that we are all rare and beautiful on the inside. On the hoodie I placed the word “Rare” on the inside sleeve to be similar to a wrist tattoo. The heart-shaped diamond on the socks is also supposed to resemble a small ankle tattoo which is also trending.