Ambitious Art Director with a strong passion for art and creativity. Always striving to develop interesting, effective, and inspiring work by applying my talent & knowledge from 12 years of experience. I specialize in brand identity, visual merchandising, outdoor advertising, logo design, print, and digital (social media & web). My versatile skill set allows me to greatly contribute to most companies and industries. I have the confidence and professional nature necessary to be an integral part of any team. In addition, I have the experience needed, and strong desire to lead & mentor other designers.

My entrepreneurial spirit, and ability to acquire new skills independently by gaining knowledge of relevant software, is what sets me apart. Expanding my repertoire, and growing as a designer has always been very important to me.

Overall, I believe in developing creative that not only produces excellent results, but inspires others. To me, that is the definition of extraordinary design work, and what I am always trying to achieve.


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